What We Do

As a member of the nation’s largest non-governmental, domestic hunger relief organization, Feeding America, our goal is to ensure that hungry people have access to food in their greatest times of need.


To end hunger one nourishing meal at a time and to co-create a sustainable community where everyone thrives.



A hunger-free and healthier community.

What we do

The most basic of needs is food. Feeding the line is at the core of what we do—putting food into the hands and onto the tables of hungry families. We are committed to creating food access points on all levels. We do this as we continue our work in ending the line—co-creating with the community, innovative ways to serve the whole person, understanding that hunger does not exist in isolation.  We also work to mobilize the public to support what we do through donations, advocacy and volunteerism. Where you come in is our way of being, or how we organize ourselves to do this work. 

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank is working toward closing the 67 million meal gap in our 20-county service area.


Our Way Of Being

Organizing to do our best work.

• Co-create and communicate organizational values, guiding behaviors and competencies

• Strengthen our foundation


Feed the Line

Connecting nutritious food to our hungry neighbors.

• Expand and diversify food sources

• Optimize food access for clients


Mobilize the Public

Engaging the community to act.

• Raise awareness about hunger

• Engage all communities

• Inspire transformative action


End the Line

Transforming lives.

• Engage the community in a client-centric transformation process

• Develop multi-level government response to hunger across our service territory

• Co-create client-centric resource centers