Mid-Ohio Foodbank provides ongoing education and training opportunities for our partner agencies. Educational classes and training workshops cover a variety of topics, including food safety, agency orientation, operational best practices, nutrition, produce market distribution and grant writing. Training opportunities are offered to help support the needs of our 680 partner agencies.

COVID-19 Low to No Contact Distribution Models

The health and well-being of our customers, volunteers and staff are top priorities.  To that end and due to the most recent coronavirus updates, many agencies have moved from in-person shopping models to pre-packaged boxes and other low-contact food distribution options. To find out more about what might work best for your agency, check out Feeding America’s Low — No Contact Distribution Playbook to see details and implementations of a few different distribution options.


Agency360 is Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s new educational platform that provides ongoing training, networking and capacity-building opportunities for partnering agencies. Agency360 is designed to meet partners where they serve by offering multi-modal training opportunities with enhanced accessibility throughout Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s 20-county service area.

The training calendar covers a variety of topics made available online and in person. Click the calendar to view current availability.


Agency Connection

Share information, pool resources or start a conversation with other agency partners of Mid-Ohio Foodbank through the Agency Connection group on Facebook.

This closed group is available and visible only to members of agency partners and is a great communication source.

Become a Mid-Ohio Foodbank Partner

Thank you for your interest in becoming an agency of the Mid-Ohio Foodbank network. Please review the requirements and process for becoming and maintaining membership outlined below:

Minimum requirements for all partners:

  • Organizations must be a recognized charity with a feeding program serving the needy, ill and infants.
  • Organizations must be a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit, tax exempt organization, with a determination letter from IRS, an accredited church or be part of a nutrition, education or service program operated by the city, county or state.
  • There must be a need for your program in the area you serve (to avoid duplication of effort).
  • The food program must not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or creed and cannot require individuals to participate in ecumenical or educational services as a requirement for receiving food.
  • The organization must have appropriate physical capacity to receive and distribute food (all sites will be reviewed by Foodbank staff).
  • The organization must have adequate staff and/or volunteers to support their feeding program and identify a key staff member/volunteer to serve as primary contact for the program.
  • The organization must have a defined method/systems for how food will be distributed.

If you are an organization applying to a become a food pantry, soup kitchen or shelter program eligible to receive federal and state food items, you must meet the additional requirements listed below:

Food program must operate for at least 3 months prior to applying for partnership.

  • Food pantries must keep written record of grocery distributions that include customer’s name, address, date of service and number of people in household.
  • Food pantries and soup kitchens must have regular hours of operation, established procedures, rules and regulations under which the program operates.
  • Food program must distribute food/meals at least once a month.

Ready to Apply?
Once you determine your organization meets the above requirements, click here to submit an online application.

Application Review & Follow-up Process:
All applications are reviewed within 15 business days from date of submission. Once an application is reviewed, Foodbank staff will contact the organization to arrange a site visit.

  • After an initial site visit, organization will be notified within 30 days if they are eligible to become a Foodbank partner.
  • After an organization is determined “eligible for” partnership, they must complete:
    • Food Safety training/certification
    • Civil Rights training
    • PantryTrak training
    • New Partner orientation
  • Once an organization completes required trainings and orientation, they will be given a partnership agreement. Partnership agreement must be completed and returned within 30 days.
  • Once the partnership agreement is signed and returned, organizations are officially recognized as partner agencies and are eligible to access food from Mid-Ohio Foodbank.