Tough Choices Shouldn’t Mean Hunger

Helen was a single mom with a job she loved.  Then she met Tom, and her great life became even better.  They married and added two more kids to their family.  With two good incomes, everything should have been great, but the youngest baby was born with special needs.  Now they struggle to put food on the table.  

Helen and her husband were caught in an unbearable situation – daycare costs for the youngest two kids were high and medical costs for the baby made things impossible. Helen explained, “The expenses swallowed my paycheck before I got it.” 

Something had to change.

Helen told me, “We ultimately decided that we would put my career on hold to stay home with the babies.  We are struggling with bills, but, ironically, no more so than if I had continued to work.” As Helen said, “I shouldn’t be ashamed of doing what’s best for my family, but it’s embarrassing to admit we needed help.”  She cried while we talked.  

It helps to remind herself that the situation is temporary.  Once the youngest kids are in preschool, Helen will return to the workforce.  Life will be more manageable again. But in the meantime, we need your help to put food on the table of families who are struggling. Please make a gift today