This Grandmother is a Superhero

autumn-grandmother-is-a-superheroFive years ago, Frances never thought she’d be raising a baby.  She planned to keep working at a local hospital network and just enjoy being a grandmother – or “Mawmaw” as her grandkids called her.  But when her daughter passed away suddenly, Frances stepped up to raise baby Autumn.  “She was so tiny, and cried all the time.”  Autumn’s siblings went to live with other family members.

Frances stepped up at the hardest time of her life, and she kept stepping up as things got harder.  That’s what superheroes do.  

When her diabetes, compounded with other health issues, made it impossible to work, Frances had to quit her job of 44 years.  She’s had two amputations and now gets around with a wheelchair and walker.

I met Frances last month when she reached out for help to put food on the table.  She showed up with broken glasses, held together by a safety pin, and a $5 pair of new, bargain tennis shoes.

“You get used to doing without for your kids. The only thing you don’t cut corners on is love.”

Between managing her diabetes and taking care of Autumn, Frances is grateful for the food pantry.  “The people are so nice, and they let you pick out the food you need.  It was almost like Christmas.”  Autumn showed me how she could still take big bites of apple even after losing her two bottom front teeth.  Superheroes-in-training need to keep up their strength!

Five-year old Autumn loves to draw, dance, sing, and mostly, give hugs.  And, Frances’ super powers include getting to appointments, Autumn’s school, and running errands with no car.  She can also make things stretch and does what she calls “passing the love.”  She explains, “No one is promised tomorrow, and I want to use my days to help people out and show them I care every chance I get.” 

Still, it’s a struggle to provide the healthy food that Autumn needs to grow up strong.  When I talked to Frances, there was $6 left in her account.  The food they received from the pantry was a huge help.  I asked Frances if I could share her story with you, and she said, “Only if you tell them thank you from me.”  She shared, “I’ve met a lot of good people in my lifetime – more than I ever thought I would.  I’m so glad so many folks believe in passing the love.”

Your gift today will provide food to the families, seniors, and individuals struggling to make ends meet.  Please donate to provide Frances, Autumn, and other families with the healthy foods they need to be superheroes.

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