Robert: Two Miles on a Snowy Day

Robert and his wife juggle jobs and schedules to be present for their four school-aged children. When hours get unexpectedly reduced at Robert’s job and bills still need paid, feeding those growing kids becomes a challenge.

While his wife used the family’s only car to go to her job, Robert pulled a wheeled suitcase two miles on a snowy day to the closest food pantry to fill with food for the family.

Hunger is hard enough; it’s doubly hard to imagine that people have to walk so far to get food.

“Family is important to my wife and me. We both grew up in single, working parent families. We know how hard that is for everyone, so we try to have one of us around for our kids most of the time,” he said. Your gift today keeps food pantries stocked with fresh, healthy food for families like Robert’s.

That day was his second visit to a pantry. He didn’t want his family to depend on the pantry, but right now basic expenses were more than they could handle. The only other time was the last time his hours were cut in the summer.

When unexpected life changes happen, people like Robert and his family need the kindness of people like you to keep food on their tables. Your gift lets hungry neighbors know that someone cares. Please donate today.