Operation Feed Stories

PHOTO - Jack


Jack, an 88 year old WWII veteran, turned to the Kroger Community Food Pantry to help make ends meet when he and his wife Ruth took in their granddaughter and her two children. When he arrived, he received a warm welcome and healthy, nutritious food.


“We just needed the extra help” he said.


PHOTO - Christine


Asia, Linh, Geneva and their grandmother Christine often help out at the Foodbank produce market at their local school. “A lot of times we can get by, but sometimes it’s just hard to afford the fresh foods we need–meat and vegetables.”




Pat’s serious health issues and medical expenses completely drained her resources. With help from Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s Mobile Market, she receives fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, yogurt, and bread right where she lives.

PHOTO - Xander


Xander’s nickname is X-man, and he loves X-Men comic book characters. Xander’s dad recently lost his job and this family has been trying to catch up with all the monthly bills. There just isn’t enough money to pay everything, so they visited the Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s Kroger Community Pantry to help them get by.