Job Loss Equals Empty Cupboards

Sarah and her husband Ben thought they had everything under control. Ben had finished his PhD and was working as an instructor at a local college. Sarah stayed home with their children. They were able to afford a comfortable life and were making happy plans for their future.

But then the family got crushing news.

Ben was suddenly out of work.

“They didn’t give us a reason,” Sarah explained. “I was desperate to know why.”

While he searches for a new teaching job, Ben works off and on as a handyman and a landscape maintenance employee for the city. “He’s really kept his spirits up,” Sarah shared, with love in her voice. “He’d talk about how nice it is to work outside after coming home from a day of pulling weeds.”

But his income isn’t enough to make ends meet. Now Sarah regularly picks up bread from a soup kitchen. Their family is able to receive fresh food and shelf stable items from a local food pantry.

For so many families, unexpected life events like losing a job, a medical bill, or an accident can mean the difference between food on the table and hunger. Your gift tells local families that you won’t let them go hungry during life’s unexpected trials. Please donate today.