Jo and her children

I used to manage a food pantry. I saw the stigma of embarrassment about going to a food pantry on the faces of hungry neighbors. A stigma that was felt no matter how many jobs they worked, no matter how big the hospital bill was, no matter how many times the car broke down.

I don’t feel like I could, from my heart, ask you to make a donation without knowing the real impact your gifts make. But I have witnessed your impact. It is so powerful.

This is Jo and her children. They were visiting the pantry. I asked what fun stuff they were going to do when they got home. Jo told me,

“We are going to eat.”

Simon, the youngest, had so much energy! He picked out some bread and chose a loaf with raisins and cinnamon swirls. He giggled like he got away with something. I laughed.

When I feel overwhelmed that there are so many families who are hungry, I think of you and your commitment to our struggling neighbors. I remember that your actions mean change.

Your generosity provides the food that so many of our neighbors need to keep their families fed. You are providing hope for better days.

Please make your gift today.