Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, a nationwide campaign to spread awareness about hunger in our communities and an opportunity to join a movement that has a real and lasting impact on our effort to end hunger.


Spread the Word

In partnership with Feeding America and other member foodbanks around the country, we are asking YOU to take action for fight hunger in your community. Find out more and get involved in Hunger Action Month through a number of events, promotions and awareness opportunities though Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

Find details on our Hunger Action Month page!


  • Sunday
  • Monday
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  • Saturday
  • Day 1

    Client Story
    A Family’s Loyalty in Making Ends Meet.
  • Day 2

    Pay It Forward
    Eat at South Side Roots Café and Pay It Forward for a hungry neighbor.
  • Day 3

    1 in 6 Ohioans are food insecure
  • Food & Learning

  • Day 4

    Food & Learning
    Every day a child goes to school hungry is one more day of lost learning.
  • Day 5

    Myth Children of low-income families are often more disruptive.
    Truth Hungry children are at higher risk for behavioral difficulties.
  • Day 6

    Partner Highlight
    Mid-Ohio Foodbank partners with more than 650 agencies, 9% being youth feeding programs.
  • Day 7

    Advocate Contact your elected officials & urge them to pass the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act to connect healthy foods to children.
  • Day 8

    GO ORANGE! Day
    Wear Orange to show your support toward ending hunger. 
    Client Story
    Be the Difference for Gracie.
  • Day 9

    Pay It Forward
    Pack your lunch & DONATE your money to an after-school feeding site.
  • Day 10

    1 in 4 children in OH live in food insecure homes & are at a higher risk for school absenteeism.
  • Food & Home

  • Day 11

    Food & Home
    Deciding between food & shelter seems impossible, but is a choice some families make every day.
  • Day 12

    Myth The majority of the people served in food pantries are homeless.
    Truth Only 5% of clients we serve are homeless.
  • Day 13

    Partner Highlight
    Community Shelter Board – Leads the community’s response to homelessness.
  • Day 14

    Advocate Contact your elected officials and advocate for affordable housing options in your community.
  • Day 15

    Client Story
    When Life Throws a Curveball.
  • Day 16

    Pay It Forward
    Are you moving? Clean out your pantry and donate to a local food pantry.
  • Day 17

    55% of our hungry neighbors must decide whether to pay their rent/mortgage or buy food.
  • Food & Income

  • Day 18

    Food & Income
    Not earning a sustainable wage can make it difficult for families to provide consistently nutritious meals.
  • Day 19

    Myth People use their SNAP benefits to purchase cigarettes/alcohol.
    Truth SNAP benefits can only be used to buy food.
  • Day 20

    Partner Highlight
    Mid-Ohio Foodbank increased its minimum wage to $15/hour.
  • Day 21

    Advocate Voice your support for a Sustainable Wage community.
    Take the SNAP Challenge.
  • Day 22

    Client Story
    Needing the Extra Help to Get By.
  • Day 23

    Pay It Forward
    Share your SNAP Challenge experiences with us on our Facebook page!
  • Day 24

    50% of those we serve work but still struggle to make ends meet.
  • Food & Health

  • Day 25

    Food & Health
    The cost of fresh food for low-income families is a barrier to good health.
  • Day 26

    Myth There’s no connection between food insecurity & wellness.
    Truth Food insecure adults are at a 49% increased risk for diabetes.
  • Day 27

    Partner Highlight
    Some Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers in our service territory are now offering food prescriptions.
  • Day 28

    Advocate Contact your elected officials and urge them to continue to support The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).
  • Day 29

    Client Story
    Changing Habits When You Can’t Afford Produce.
  • Day 30

    Pay It Forward
    Support an Urban Farms of Central Ohio Farm Stand.

Take The SNAP Challenge

Although we engage in the food system each and every day by eating, many of us are not likely to understand the experiences of families living on a food stamp (SNAP) budget. The purpose of the SNAP Challenge is to provide you with a hands-on opportunity to explore the food access gap environment, giving you deeper understanding and insight into the challenges 1.7 million Ohioans face every day. By participating in the SNAP Challenge, you can help raise awareness of hunger in your community and the need to keep SNAP strong.