Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month, a nationwide campaign to spread awareness about hunger in our communities and an opportunity to join a movement that has a real and lasting impact on our effort to end hunger.

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Day 1

    Foodbank Friday
    The Foodbank’s mission is to end hunger one nourishing meal at a time while co-creating communities where everyone thrives.
  • Day 2

    1 in 6 Ohioans does not know where their next meal is coming from.
  • Hunger & Health

  • Day 3

    Hunger & Health
    At Mid-Ohio Foodbank, it’s all about connecting good, nutritious food to our hungry neighbors.
  • Day 4

    Food for Today
    Stabilizing hungry families.
  • Day 5

    Ohio Soft Drink Association Highlight
    Balance Calories Ohio is a statewide initiative to help fight obesity be reducing sugar/calories consumed from beverages in Ohioans diets.
  • Day 6

    Contact your elected officials & urge bipartisan support for quality, affordable healthcare.
  • Day 7

    GO ORANGE! Day
    Wear Orange to show your support toward ending hunger.
  • Day 8

    Foodbank Friday
    Lend a hand at one of our Urban Farms & help us harvest local fruit and veggies!
  • Day 9

    The Foodbank provides enough food for over 155,000 meals every day, half of which is FRESH (produce/bread/meat/dairy).
  • Hunger & Learning

  • Day 10

    Hunger & Learning
    Mid-Ohio Foodbank knows that hungry families want to learn more about balanced meals.
  • Day 11

    Food for Tomorrow
    Hungry families moving from stability to sufficiency.
  • Day 12

    Ohio Soft Drink Assoc. Highlight
    Join the Ohio Soft Drink Association by participating in Balance Calories Ohio.
  • Day 13

    Contact your elected officials & urge bipartisan support for federal feeding programs.
  • Day 14

  • Day 15

    Foodbank Friday
    The Kroger Community Food Pantry is a learning lab for the Foodbank to share best practices.
  • Day 16

    Use balance in what you eat, drink & do. Reduce beverage caloric intake by 20% by 2025.
  • Hunger & Work

  • Day 17

    Hungry & Work
    Half of the people served by Mid-Ohio Foodbank work but still struggle to make ends meet.
  • Day 18

    Food for Tomorrow
    Families have access to enough food without necessarily visiting a charity.
  • Day 19

    Columbia Gas Highlight
    Since the early 1900’s, Columbia Gas actively has supported nonprofit agencies & organizations in the communities it serves.
  • Day 20

    Contact your elected officials to support investment in training for our hungry neighbors for tomorrow’s workforce.
  • Day 21

  • Day 22

    Foodbank Friday
    Mid-Ohio Foodbank is a sustainable wage workplace increasing its minimum wage to $15/hour.
  • Day 23

    70% of the hungry neighbors we serve visit a food pantry five times or less in a year.

Spread the Word

In partnership with Feeding America and other member foodbanks around the country, we are asking YOU to take action for fight hunger in our community. Find out more and get involved in Hunger Action Month!