Operation Feed is a community-wide drive coordinated by Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Each spring, hundreds of community members volunteer to organize a variety of fundraising activities in their organizations to provide food for families struggling to make ends meet.

Who benefits from Operation Feed?

Operation Feed helps stock the shelves of hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters in central and eastern Ohio. About 524,300 children, adults and seniors receive emergency assistance each year through this network. Community partners depend on Operation Feed to provide healthy, nutritious food for the people they help, and 100% of every dollar raised through Operation Feed is used to provide food for local families.

How have hunger and food needs changed, and how has Mid-Ohio Foodbank responded?

One in six Ohioans is food insecure, meaning they don’t know where a next meal is coming from. More people, especially working families and suburban residents, are turning to our network for food assistance. The mix of food distributed has also changed, moving away from non-perishable items to the acquisition and distribution of surplus fresh foods. According to Feeding America, each year in the United States, some 14 billion pounds of fresh produce does not make it from field to market, providing a huge opportunity for food banks nationwide. More than half of the food distributed by Mid-Ohio Foodbank is now fresh—including fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and bread.  

How do we organize an Operation Feed campaign?

Start by getting your leadership on board to support your plans and creating a strong committee. Then develop a strategy that fits the unique needs and culture of your organization. Operation Feed will provide training, materials, ideas and suggestions – everything you need to make your campaign a success. Online giving and monthly giving options even make it convenient for your team to help hungry neighbors year round. Use our print materials and messaging threads to help tell the story of hunger in our community. 

How can Operation Feed benefit our organization?

Operation Feed brings associates together by involving each individual in an organization-wide effort. Involvement gives organizers the chance to develop leadership and project management skills. Operation Feed provides tremendous team building opportunities for your organization, both within and across departments. Coordinators also report a great morale boost from employees knowing they are making valuable contributions to the communities in which they live and work. Participating organizations are also recognized publicly by Mid-Ohio Foodbank for their efforts. 

Do you prefer financial donations or food donations?

Financial donations have a huge impact. Due to efficiencies of donated food, bulk purchasing and economies of scale, for every $1 the Foodbank receives, we’re able to distribute $10 worth of groceries. With a dollar, you could purchase one can of food. That same dollar donated to Operation Feed provides four meals! Online & Monthly Giving options allow anyone to donate by credit card or spread their pledge over the course of a year, further increasing the impact of your drive. 

What are campaign goals, and how will they affect our collection effort?

We will suggest a realistic and achievable meal-raising goal for each organization. Goals consider employee per capita giving and are designed to push each campaign to exceed prior year results. This emphasis is designed to help Mid-Ohio Foodbank respond to increasing need and new opportunities to acquire more produce and other fresh foods. 

How does Operation Feed calculate the number of “meals” raised?

Operation Feed uses a “meal” as the unit for measuring and tracking the amount of dollars and food raised by a campaign. One dollar is equal to four meals, and one pound of food is equal to one meal. Operation Feed leverages economies of scale, bulk purchasing and partnerships with grocers, food companies and others to make sure each donation has the greatest possible impact. 

How can we help our associates commit to fighting hunger and meeting community food needs?

 Educating associates about the need is one of the best ways to get them involved. Statistics about populations like children and senior citizens that are particularly hard-hit by hunger are especially powerful. Asking each individual personally to get involved and putting the value of even a small contribution into perspective (for example, a monthly donation of just $23 feeds a child for a year) are other ways to encourage active participation.  Click here for additional resources.

How can we increase our engagement with Mid-Ohio Foodbank?

Make the issue of hunger “real” through a tour of the Foodbank, or by hosting your meeting in one of our event spaces, scheduling a Foodbank volunteer activity, or inviting an Operation Feed speaker to address your group can increase engagement. Associates can also connect with the Foodbank on Facebook & Twitter.

Where do we send our financial donations?

All cash/coin should be converted to check or money-order by one of our banking partners. Mail donations with your contribution form to: 

Operation Feed
P.O. Box 715547
Columbus, Ohio 43271-5547

If you are converting a group collection to a check, please indicate “group collection” in the memo line.

Where do we take our food donations?

Please deliver food donations to Mid-Ohio Foodbank located at 3960 Brookham Drive in Grove City (Agency area at the east/freeway side of the building), between 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. Once you arrive at the Foodbank, a staff member will help you unload, weigh your food and provide you with a poundage receipt. Collection boxes are also available for pick-up.

Don’t forget to ask for a quick tour of the repurposed, LEED Gold certified facility when you visit! 

How do we get our food items picked up?

We consider the delivery of your food donations to the Foodbank a valuable part of your contribution to Operation Feed. Delivering the food gives you a chance to tour the Foodbank (please call ahead to let us know when you’re coming), and it makes a great photo opportunity for your newsletter. Donor drop-off of any contribution that fits inside a passenger vehicle helps Mid-Ohio Foodbank to minimize fuel & transportation costs, and it also allows our trucks to focus on large-scale food industry donations & deliveries to partner agencies. If you can’t find a vehicle large enough for your donation, please contact the Operation Feed team. 


Tiffany Priest– Manager, Corporate Engagement

Stephenie Robertson– Manager, Corporate Engagement

Craig Truax – Manager, Corporate Engagement


For more information about Operation Feed, please email us at OPERATIONFEED@MIDOHIOFOODBANK.ORG