Operation Feed provides fresh, healthy food for local families struggling with hunger. Each year, we join forces with local businesses, schools, civic groups, and individuals to raise critically needed resources through a community-wide drive.

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Who Needs Help

One in six (change to One in five) Ohioans is food insecure. They don’t know where a next meal is coming from. It could be your coworker, friend, or neighbor. Many struggling families have to choose between paying for housing, utilities or medical expenses and putting food on the table.

  • More than 600,000 individuals receive emergency food each year through Mid-Ohio Collective.
  • For every dollar donated, Mid-Ohio Food Collective can provide 4.5 meals!
  • 35% of food requests from pantries are for children. 17% are for senior citizens.
  • About half of customer households have at least one working adult.
  • Only 5% of customers are homeless; 1 in 5 is a homeowner.

For more information on how to get started:

Tiffany Priest– Manager, Corporate Engagement TPriest@Midohiofoodbank.ORG

Craig Truax – Manager, Corporate Engagement CTruax@Midohiofoodbank.ORG


Tiffany Priest– Manager, Corporate Engagement

Stephenie Robertson– Manager, Corporate Engagement

Craig Truax – Manager, Corporate Engagement


For more information about Operation Feed, please email us at OPERATIONFEED@MIDOHIOFOODBANK.ORG

John's Story

Hard Times: Finding a Way to Focus

John is resourceful, good with his hands and a whiz under the hood of a car.  But a lack of steady work created hard times, including a period of homelessness.  Having enough nourishing food was a big challenge.

His local Mid-Ohio Foodbank supported Produce Market provides him with free fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, and dairy at a farmer’s market style distribution.  Thanks to you, and with help from Mid-Ohio Foodbank, John can focus on more important parts of his life.