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Christine’s Story: Hardship Doesn’t Spare Kids

Mid-Ohio Foodbank Produce Markets help provide the fresh foods that Christine and her three grandchildren need to be healthy.

Ten year-old Asia, her two sisters and her grandmother often help out at a local Mid-Ohio Foodbank Produce Market, a regular giveaway of fresh produce to low-income families and individuals.


As Asia helped bag corn, she began to share secrets.  First she whispered, “I’m putting 11 ears of corn in the bad instead of 10.” Then she said she was going to have a second apple because the first was so good there was no way to eat just one.  Then Asia shared her last secret.  “My mom and dad are in jail.  They have been since I was a baby.”

Hardship doesn’t spare kids and hunger doesn’t care how old you are.


It may be hard to believe, but Asia and her sisters Linh and Geneva are lucky.  They have Christine, their grandmother who is doing everything she can to give the three of them a great childhood.  Yet, they struggle.


Christine works jobs that she can do while the kids are in school or asleep.  She also volunteers at the produce market and with Girl Scouts.  According to Christine, “A lot of times we can get by, but sometimes it’s hard to afford the fresh foods we need – meat and vegetables.”  When that happens, she gets food from the Mid-Ohio Foodbank Produce Market or local food pantry.  “Last week, they gave out bananas.  My girls can eat so many bananas!”