Every Day Was A Struggle

“I knew Judy was going to be my wife on our second date,” David shared with a grin. No one could have known that tragic events in their lives would have them relying on the kindness of people like you to keep food on their table.

After three children and 41 years of happiness together, the family was devastated when Judy was diagnosed with bone cancer.

Judy’s cancer treatment was aggressive. David quit his job and applied for retirement Social Security so he could be Judy’s caregiver. Judy needed extensive health insurance, so the couple cashed in their retirement savings to pay the $800 monthly premiums. Every day was a struggle. Money was tight, so David visited the local food pantry.

The pantry meant the difference between healthy meals on their table and hunger.

Sadly, Judy passed away just three years later. Thanks to your generosity, David was able to be with his wife during the last years of her life. Without your support, our neighbors could not access the food they need. Don’t let them go hungry. Please make your gift today.