Looking for an opportunity to help our friends, family, neighbors and community? Mid-Ohio Foodbank may be the place for you! At Mid-Ohio Foodbank, just as important as getting the work done is the culture that makes it possible to get the work done. If you are ready for a fresh start to your career, learn about Our Way of Being to see if you are a good fit for helping us end hunger one nourishing meal at a time and co-creating a sustainable community where everyone can thrive.

Great Benefits

Our benefit offerings provide significant value for our team members. While the types of benefit plans we provide may seem typical, the entire package is not. Our plans are designed to keep you and your family, happy, healthy and encompass the whole you. All of this is offered at an affordable premium—taking your financial health into consideration as well.

Sustainable Wages

Mid-Ohio Foodbank is dedicated to co-creating a community where everyone has the ability to thrive—and that includes our team members. We believe that you should earn a living wage to support yourself and your family. Our total compensation structure provides competitive, market-driven wages throughout the entire organization.

Celebrating Diversity

Mid-Ohio Foodbank benefits from the creativity and innovation that results from the experiences, perspectives and cultures of our employees. We believe that a well-managed, diverse workforce expands knowledge, skills and cross cultural understanding. This in turn, enables us to understand, relate and respond to our diverse clients, partners and team members.

Career Growth

Opportunities for growth and development are available for all team members—from internal trainings, external workshops, or the use of our education assistance program. We want to support continued pathways to success. Equipped with new knowledge and skills, team members find that their career path can grow within the organization.


Our Way Of Being

Organizing to do our best work.

• Co-create and communicate organizational values, guiding behaviors and competencies

• Strengthen our foundation


Feed the Line

Connecting nutritious food to our hungry neighbors.

• Expand and diversify food sources

• Optimize food access for clients


Mobilize the Public

Engaging the community to act.

• Raise awareness about hunger

• Engage all communities

• Inspire transformative action


End the Line

Transforming lives.

• Engage the community in a client-centric transformation process

• Develop multi-level government response to hunger across our service territory

• Co-create client-centric resource centers