You Are the Critical Link for Hungry Neighbors

When Liz and Josh first got married, their lives were pretty stable. They had a place to live and both worked fulltime. They could pay the bills; they could buy their children the things they needed. But then Liz lost her job. Josh lost his job the year after Liz did, and things went downhill from there.

Liz and her family receive help from the Foodbank through the Produce Market that comes to their community monthly and their local food pantry. Liz and Josh may have to skip meals, but they make sure their children never have to. You are the critical link to food for hungry families. Please donate today.
Operation Feed uses a meal as the unit for measuring and tracking the amount of dollars and food raised by a campaign. One dollar is equal to four meals, and one pound of food is equal to one meal.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank's Mission:

To end hunger one nourishing meal
at a time and co-create a sustainable
community where everyone thrives.