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We need your help to spread the word about ending hunger. By hosting an event, you are using your creativity and your network to help others learn about our work and inviting them to take part. Learn more.





Applications are available for grant funds for urban agriculture projects that provide low-income neighborhoods with direct access to produce. Funding for the grants is made possible by the USDA.

Need Help?

If you need emergency food, help is nearby. We distribute food to about 650 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, after-school programs and senior housing sites in central and Eastern Ohio. Understanding that Food is Health, we tirelessly work to provide multiple points for our hungry neighbors to access the foods they need to live, work and play.

Hunger Journey

An online tool that depicts what hunger looks like in each county across the Foodbank’s footprint and the collaborative process used to bring everyone together.


MOF In The News

Liz and her husband, Josh, have three children. Leslie is 7, Nadia is 3 and Marietta is just 2 months old. When Liz and Josh first got married, their lives were pretty stable. They had a place to live and both worked full time. They could pay the bills; they could buy their children the things they needed. ...

Robert and his wife juggle jobs and schedules to be present for their four school-aged children. When hours get unexpectedly reduced at Robert’s job and bills still need paid, feeding those growing kids becomes a challenge. While his wife used the family’s only car to go to her job, Robert pulled a wheeled ...

I used to manage a food pantry. I saw the stigma of embarrassment about going to a food pantry on the faces of hungry neighbors. A stigma that was felt no matter how many jobs they worked, no matter how big the hospital bill was, no matter how many times the car broke down. I ...

“I knew Judy was going to be my wife on our second date,” David shared with a grin. No one could have known that tragic events in their lives would have them relying on the kindness of people like you to keep food on their table. After three children and 41 years of happiness together, the ...

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