You can be the critical link between hunger and hope.

Liz and her husband, Josh, have three children. Leslie is 7, Nadia is 3 and Marietta is just 2 months old. When Liz and Josh first got married, their lives were pretty stable. They had a place to live and both worked full time. They could pay the bills; they could buy their children the things they needed. But then Liz lost her job. A year later, Josh lost his job; and things went downhill from there.

Unexpected changes in employment, medical bills and expenses like car repairs can have a major impact on a family’s ability to pay bills and buy food.

“Today, we are down to our last dime. After the bills are paid, there is no money left. In fact, there is no money to pay the bills. If it wasn’t for Mid-Ohio Foodbank, we would have to choose between paying for utilities and buying food.” Your gift today is the critical link to food for hungry families.

Liz and Josh may have to skip meals, but they make sure their children never have to. Please donate today.