Urban Farms of Central Ohio (UFCO)

Volunteers at the Clarfield Urban Farm.In an effort to meet Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s mission of ending hunger one nourishing meal at a time and co-creating a sustainable community where everyone thrives, the Foodbank has created Urban Farms of Central Ohio.

As a new initiative of Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Urban Farms of Central Ohio is designed to transform vacant and underutilized sites in under-served neighborhoods into productive, sustainable urban farms that provide low-income, food insecure residents increased access to fresh, local produce and encourage civic engagement.

Formed by a group of enthusiastic community leaders from the agriculture, government, business, and non-profit communities, Urban Farms of Central Ohio encourages civic engagement and community building through food assistance.

The Clarfield Farm

View of the Clarfield Farm, a part of the Urban Farms of Central Ohio.

Located on a closed elementary school property (3220 Groveport Road) that previously sat vacant for six years, the Clarfield Urban Farm is now a thriving five acre farm home to over 20 varieties of produce and three high-tunnels.

Through our dedicated community partners, the Clarfield Urban Farm has become more than just a place for vegetables, it’s a place where neighbors come together to tend the crops together, lend a hand at the farm stand, or share stories with old and new friends.

In 2014, Clarfield Urban Farm grew over 20,000 pounds of high-quality produce. Majority of this produce was made available to local residents surrounding the farm through a on-site farm stand. In addition, a portion of the produce was sold to local restaurants to generate program revenue. Purchasers of farm fresh produce include The Table, Skillet, Harvest Pizza, and The Sycamore.

For more information or to become involved with Urban Farms of Central Ohio, please contact Sarah Lenkay at 614.317.9476 or SLenkay@midohiofoodbank.org.

Be Involved with Us

Provide one of the following wish list items:

  • pitchforks
  • hard rakes
  • construction tools (battery powered), such as circular saw, drill, jigsaw, etc.
  • harvest knives
  • pruning shears
  • wheelbarrows
  • garden hoses
  • T posts
  • silage tarps

Regular volunteer opportunities are available at: vhub.at/ClarfieldUrbanFarm.

Make a gift to Urban Farms of Central Ohio today and ensure that food insecure residents have access to farm fresh produce.