Foodbank launches Urban Farms of Central Ohio

In an effort to meet Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s mission of ending hunger one nourishing meal at a time and co-creating a sustainable community where everyone thrives, the Foodbank has created Urban Farms of Central Ohio.

Urban Farms of Central Ohio (UFCO) was formed in late 2012 by a group of enthusiastic community leaders from the agriculture, government, business, and nonprofit communities who sought to create an urban farm project that transforms vacant land into productive community farms.

UFCO seeks to operate a financially viable non-profit urban farming enterprise on vacant or underutilized sites that provides underserved communities with increased access to affordable local produce, jobs and job training, and education about fresh produce and improved diet.

The Clarfield Farm

The Clarfield Farm is a pilot farm on the grounds of a now closed public school building, Clarfield Elementary School, 3220 Groveport Road, Columbus.

The vacant school building is surrounded by over five acres of farmable land. In 2013, we created nearly a one acre plot to grow vegetables. In 2014, we will expand production to nearly three acres and install four high-tunnel structures.

For more information on UFCO, or to become involved with the Clarfield Farm, please contact Sarah Lenkay at 614-317-9476 or

Regular volunteer opportunities are available at:

getting the soil ready at the Clarfield farm