We share one goal

Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s work is made possible by a collection of thousands of hunger experts, legislators, grocers and food distributors, volunteers, farmers, and business leaders. Here they share their experiences and thoughts about hunger—and the fight against it.

Points of View

"Many people who are hungry are working. They are the working poor. What we typically see are the daily headlines, about the housing market, about the $4 gas. But even in affluent communities, there is a need."

Tom Katzenmeyer
President of the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

"In Coshocton, the need for emergency food is tremendous. Locally, we’ve lost a lot of our industry—which means a lot of people have lost jobs, too. We’re giving out 20,000 pounds of food a month, plus 8,000 pounds of produce. There’s no way we could do it without Mid-Ohio Foodbank. They’re a lifeline to us—and everyone they serve.”

Mark Granger
Pastor, New Life Ministries

"I remember the first time I went to Mid-Ohio Foodbank's facility--this massive place just filled with food. And they told us that was just enough food for a few weeks. That's when I realized we needed to be doing more. And I've been involved with the Operation Feed campaign now with Huntington for 12 years."

Doug Alter
Training Specialist, Huntington Bank

"Our associates volunteer (at the foodbank)--and it's a great team building activity. What's more, it's incredibly easy to get involved. All you have to do is show up, and they walk you through every step. We're pretty competitive, too, so we like to see who can accomplish the most in just a few hours. But most of all, we're amazed to see what huge amount of food we can sort--and what a big impact we can make--in just a few short hours."

Renee Somers
Product Manager, Alliance Data

"Foodbanking is a big part of what Giant Eagle does. And emergency food is such a basic need. It impacts so many other areas of people's lives: kids' ability to learn and adults' ability to perform at their jobs. It's critical to our community members.'"

D. David Daniel
Vice President of Get Go, GEX Operations at Giant Eagle, and Mid-Ohio Foodbank Board Member

"Every summer for 20 years, I've taken a group of high school students in our vocational program to volunteer at Mid-Ohio Foodbank. When they see how massive that warehouse is, and realize it's serving more than 500 food pantries, they begin to understand how pervasive hunger is. I see it as a way to sensitize these kids to the serious needs in the world around them."

Ruth Fortis
Pastor to the Community, Trinity Lutheran Seminary