When Life Throws a Curveball

For many of our neighbors, 2014 has been plagued by troubles. More than they can handle on their own.

OFamily visiting a food pantry.ne of those neighbors is a young family who turned to a pantry for the first time in March. Kelly and her husband never believed they would need help from other people to feed their kids, but a $500 utility bill in her mailbox meant otherwise.

Kelly, her husband, and two small children ages 2 and 5, had recently moved into military housing in Columbus. The place was drafty but they kept the heat set low and plugged up the cracks.

When the temperatures plunged below zero and stayed there for days at a time, Kelly just knew the bill would be too high. When it arrived in the mail—it was. “We just didn’t have enough savings. It wiped us out, and left very little for food.”

Volunteers stocking shelves at the Kroger Community Pantry.Luckily for Kelly and thousands like her, our community refused to let our neighbors go hungry. Support from people like you meant that she could visit a nearby pantry and get fresh, wholesome food for her family. She was able to bring home fruits and vegetables, milk, even meat!

After Kelly’s first visit to a pantry, she was feeling better about their situation. She still expected another budget-killing bill from the utility company, but this time she knew that it wouldn’t mean her family would go hungry. The local pantry with its wonderful volunteers is there to help as long as they need it.

"Just knowing the food pantry is here makes it easier. I don’t know what we would have done without the help.”

This is true for many Ohio families and individuals. I’m sure you can relate. Folks are doing their best, working hard, raising kids, paying bills, living their lives, and suddenly life throws them a curveball. Maybe it’s a blown transmission. Maybe it’s a cough that turns into pneumonia. Sometimes—it’s a polar vortex.

Will you please make a gift today? Every $1 you donate to Mid-Ohio Foodbank provides $10 worth of groceries for families, seniors, and individuals struggling to put food on the table. Your generosity provides healthy, filling meals for children, seniors, veterans, and families in our community.

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