Building a Hunger Movement

In early 2012, the Foodbank and its community partners began hosting hunger conversations in the 20 counties we serve. The intent of the conversations is for communities to grow awareness, energy and support around hunger, to help define actions they would like to take to optimize their response to hunger and to, ultimately, realize their community’s vision.

The process of hosting these in-depth conversations in every county is expected to run through 2015, but here’s a look at some of the early findings from the efforts:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is this initiative important to MOF?
A. The increased need around hunger that is being experienced throughout Ohio is challenging all of us. As such, we need to discover how we can work better and differently together to develop and support sustainable ways to take care of those in our community who are experiencing hunger. Hunger cannot be solved by just one organization alone, but rather by communities of people and organizations who are committed to making food accessible to all people.

Q. What are we going to do with what we learn?
A. The intended impact of the community planning sessions is:

  • To learn how each community can increase its capacity to address hunger
  • To learn how each community can increase the sustainability of their efforts to address hunger
  • To learn how individuals and organizations can be in relationships within their community to ensure capacity and sustainability
  • To learn how MOF can build relationships with the communities it serves by providing food
  • To increase the amount of food that MOF is able to provide to each community

Q. Which counties will be involved in the project?
A. Over the next three years, all 20 counties served by MOF will be incorporated into the implementation of MOF's strategic plan and organizational strategy to build a hunger movement.

Q. What is MOF's role?
A. MOF is offering to work in partnership with the community - providing support for developing community invitations, agendas, meeting facilitation, supplies, reports, etc. MOF will also help to document the learning and process. Mid-Ohio Foodbank will provide the resources needed to hold the sessions but the individuals/organizations partnering around this work would own both the process and outcomes. It is about the communities discovering the actions that will work best for those they serve and for those who want to step in and help.

Q. Who will be invited to participate?
A. We want to have everyone participate - including those working in hunger, other health & human services organizations, education, health care, people living in the community and people experiencing hunger.

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