The Harvest Campaign

In addition to an increasing demand for food assistance, Mid-Ohio Foodbank is faced with reductions in food donations from traditional sources.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) donations of shelf-stable foods were scaled down 45% from last year and food manufacturers have reduced donations.

Produce and other fresh foods are the answer.

There is an abundance of fruits and vegetables that can be accessed from growers at a great value, but we need your help to offset the costs of picking, packing, and transporting the food to the Foodbank.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s annual Harvest Campaign invites our community to support the Foodbank’s goal to access a portion of an estimated 3+ billion pounds of fresh produce grown each year that does not make it to market.

This healthy and sustainable food source is the future of food assistance, but requires a different approach:

  • The time is now – crops are available
  • Funds are needed to get crops out of the fields and into food pantries

Your support of the Harvest Campaign will empower Mid-Ohio Foodbank to acquire produce shipped directly from farmers’ fields. This food will be made available to hundreds of thousands of our neighbors from central and eastern Ohio so they can live healthier and be in a better position to overcome the challenges of food insecurity.

A Changing Mix:: MOF's distribution has climbed from 29.5 million pounds to 45.9 million pounds over the past five years. Here's a look at how the product mix has chanced since 2007.

Click here to donate, or learn more on how you can support the Harvest Campaign and bring fruits and vegetables from the farmers’ fields to food pantries and produce markets for our hungry neighbors by contacting Greg Winslow at or 614.317.9452.