Lend what’s left over

We work with restaurants, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, supermarkets, and growers to collect food and personal care items that can’t be sold in the marketplace—whether because it was excess inventory, cosmetically imperfect, used in test marketing, or put on the shelf with short code dates.


We accept nonperishable foods, fresh produce, and prepared but unserved foods that meet these requirements.*

  • All foods must be closed, sealed, and labeled. If no label is provided, complete ingredient information must be included.
  • Fresh produce must be boxed or bagged—not loose.
  • Temperature-sensitive foods must be frozen or held at or below 40 degrees.
  • We do not accept milk-based soups, fresh shellfish, or foods that are home-prepared or have been placed on a buffet serving area.

Please click on the video links below for further explanation:

Partner Donors - All Chapters

*We follow strict warehouse standards and safe food handling practices. Donors receive receipts showing the total weight and case count of every donation.


Let us pick it up.

Our trucks can accommodate all sizes of donations. To arrange for food pickup, contact our Donor Relations Department at 614-274-7770.

Drop it off.

Our docks can accommodate semis and large straight trucks. To arrange for a food drop-off, contact our Donor Relations Department at 614-274-7770.


It’s financially smart.

Check with your tax advisor for details about the tax benefits of giving food. Also avoid paying for perfectly safe food to be hauled to the landfill by making it available to hungry families.

You’re legally protected.

The Federal Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act protects those who make good-faith food donations from liability.

It's crucial to our community.

Every day, we become more aware of the staggering need for emergency food in our community. Your gift enables us to distribute food to people in need across 20 counties in central and eastern Ohio.