The Pirates Treasure Hunt


Captain Graybeard has a treasure map that leads to a buried treasure. He is sailing to the area where the treasure resides. Along the way, his enemy, Captain Scurvy Dog attacks his ship with the intent of stealing the treasure map. In the ensuing battle, the treasure map is ripped into pieces. One of the pieces, the one with the location of the treasure, is destroyed.  The rest of the map pieces are blown onto the shore.  Participants in this event are asked to help Captain Graybeard find the pieces of the treasure map and ultimately, the location of the buried treasure.

Utilizing a self-guided map on our smartphone app, costumed participants will find virtual map pieces, pirates, and “pieces of eight” challenges at various GPS waypoints throughout the Downtown area.  Teams will be tasked with solving puzzles, riddles, and creating unique photo opportunities in order to complete the game.

The entire game is designed to take 2-3 hours to complete. Teams are awarded points for each of the completed challenges (points are deducted if first attempt answers are incorrect, or if they chose to use hints). After the event is completed, the team that has earned the most points and provided the treasure located in the shortest elapsed time will be declared the winners and receive an award. Additionally, teams with the most elaborate costumes and most creative team name will also receive awards.

Up to 4 people are allowed per team (children under 12 may join a team at no charge). The entry fee is $50 per team. In order to allow for safe distancing, teams can start their adventure anytime between 10 am and 1 pm and are able to set their own route. The event ends promptly at 4 pm (the app will stop accepting new teams at 1 pm and cease to function at 4 pm). The event will take place on a Saturday, August 1.

We have chosen to partner with Mid-Ohio Food Collective as our charity of choice. We will provide 10% of gross ticket sales to the Collective. These funds will be provided via check with 7 days of the event’s completion. We are asking that you reach out to your supporters via eblast and social posts to help market the event. Additionally, the app contains a button that participants can use to navigate directly to your web page for additional donations.

You can sign up for this event at