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What You Can Do

Join the fight against hunger! Operation Feed runs MARCH through JUNE.
Choose your favorite method, and join your neighbors, your co-workers, your faith community,
your friends and your family members to raise funds & food to help families struggling to make ends meet—because no one should go hungry.

Online Donations & Monthly Giving

100% of each contribution to Operation Feed is used to provide food for local families struggling with hunger. Recurring or one-time gifts can be associated with any participating organization. Donate here.
  • $3—the cost of a gourmet coffee—feeds a family of four for one day.
  • $10—packing lunch for a few days instead of buying out—provides 50 pounds of fresh produce.
  • $50—a family movie night at home instead of buying tickets & snacks—represents three weeks of meals for a hard-working single mother and her children.

Workplace / organizational INVOLVEMENT

Hosting an Operation Feed campaign is rewarding and impactful! A fun way to boost morale, promote team building and offer leadership development opportunities, everyone can come together to help others through contests, events and creative activities. We provide structure, training sessions and resources to support your efforts. Get started.

Leverage Your Contribution

Make the biggest impact by providing a financial donation. Just $1 provides 4 meals.

Make the biggest impact by providing a financial donation. Graphic is of what $10 buys at a grocery store and what $10 can purchase by Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

We can also accept these most-needed foods:

   • Chili with beans,
   • Canned Fruit (in juice or light syrup),
   • Tuna,
   • Canned Vegetables,
   • Canned meat,
   • Soup (with vegetables),
   • Peanut Butter.

Please note: We are not able to accept homemade, home-canned or outdated food.