6 — Wrap Up

The final stretch of your campaign can be the most exciting. Your team will see how many meals you raised to help end hunger!

Accepting Donations

Action!Track meals raised over the course of your campaign.
Idea!Check donations will be recognized individually by Mid-Ohio Foodbank for tax purposes (online
donations are immediately recognized upon transaction with an auto-responder email).
Idea!A donation receipt can be provided to associates for cash gifts (not valid for tax purposes).

Submitting Your Donation

Action!Convert cash/coin generated by activities to check or money order.
Action!Mail financial donations (checks & money orders) to Operation Feed’s lockbox.
Action!Drop-off food donations at Mid-Ohio Foodbank.
Idea!A contribution form should accompany each food/financial donation to ensure it is properly
credited to your drive.
Idea!Please do not bring cash/check donations to the Foodbank.
Idea!All donations must be received by July 31 to be eligible for awards!