4 — Structure & Organize

Learn how to structure and organize your drive to make the most efficient use of time & resources and raise the greatest number of meals.

Date & Format

Set campaign dates (i.e. kick-off, special activities, staff recognition, finale… etc.)
Pick your campaign format (i.e. one-week, two-weeks, one-month…)
See these sample campaign calendars for ideas.

Raising Meals

Donations are counted in meals. $1 = 4 meals. 1lb of food = 1 meal.
Financial contributions make the biggest impact. With $1, you could purchase one can of food.
That same dollar donated to the Foodbank could provide 4 meals (or 6 pounds of fresh produce!).
Set a campaign goal (upon registration, you’ll receive a suggestion from Operation Feed).
Utilize Online Donation & Monthly Giving to increase impact (a secure web form credits donations
back to your campaign).
Plan activities (get ideas from our Meal Raising Ideas and Vendor Resources).
Target management with a Leadership Giving Appeal.
Bank processing resources make it easy to handle cash/coin generated by activities.

Getting Your Associates Engaged

Place an order for additional print materials & food collection boxes and reserve banners for events.
You can also download Posters, Brochure and Post Card files.
Provide incentives to encourage active involvement: prizes, perks, recognition and even
bragging rights will energize your activities.
Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s online store is a great source for logo merchandise, including extra
Operation Feed donation stickers and grocery totes!