2 — Engage Leadership

Take your campaign to the next level by working with your leadership to develop a campaign strategy. High level support will make your drive a success!

Get Leadership On Board

Schedule a meeting with your organization’s leadership to get approval and discuss campaign plans.
Explain community food needs and explain how your organization can help.
Share the benefits of Operation Feed: all employee involvement, team-building, leadership
development for campaign team members, morale boost, and public recognition/awards.

Basic Campaign Support

►       Appointing associates to chair the campaign and/or serve on the planning committee
Hosting a leadership giving campaign for management
Signing a letter of support to associates
►       Being visible and involved in campaign activities
►       Sponsoring a campaign kick-off and/or finale event
►       Providing time at meetings for Operation Feed
►       Offering company donations of prizes or silent auction items (time off with pay, boxes/tickets to
an arts or sporting event, etc.)

Deeper Foodbank Engagement

Questions to explore:
►       Is the organization aware of competitors’ community and philanthropic activities? Do they know
what other organizations are involved in Operation Feed, and would they be willing to meet
peer-to-peer with leaders from another participating organization?
►       Will they speak with Mid-Ohio Foodbank leadership or take a Foodbank tour to get a better
understanding of hunger issues and the important contribution their organization can make?