3 — Build a Campaign Planning Committee

Don’t coordinate your campaign alone – make Operation Feed a team effort. Strong committees build strong communities!

Committee Membership

Action!Utilize Operation Feed as a leadership development opportunity.
Action!Ask a manager or supervisor to suggest someone from each department.
Action!Include communications, facilities, and any other key areas that would offer needed support.
Action!Select members based on availability, creativity and rapport with peers.

Discussion Topics

Action!Operation Feed and community food needs,
Action!setting campaign dates,
Action!considering special company policies,
Action!deciding how to encourage online donations & monthly giving,
Action!planning activities & events and sharing ideas,
Action!communications channels & publicizing the campaign,
Action!brainstorming ways to encourage friendly competition between teams or departments,
Action!reviewing prior campaign results and current goals,
Action!soliciting donations for auctions and prizes,
Action!planning campaign tracking & donation processing,
Action!assigning duties for each member,
Action!making the drive fun for everyone!